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Broom Lane Bridge

Broom Lane Bridge on the Spa Valley Railway is in need of replacement. This bridge is a rail over road bridge on Broom Lane, near enough on the boundary of East Sussex and Kent.

Unfortunately this structure is often the subject of vehicle strikes, the most common type being a Luton style delivery van or horsebox. This puts an additional burden upon our Operating Company, in the form of disruption, costs to get the structure inspected and the time of a volunteer to follow up on the insurance claim. It is very rare to recoup all of the costs involved.

The bridge is now showing its age and suffering from the effects of corrosion as well as numerous vehicle strikes. The Railway has evaluated the options of repair versus replacement and believe it's going to be more beneficial for the long term future of the railway to replace the structure.

We are therefore looking to raise a significant six figure sum of money for this work in a fairly short timescale. We would be very grateful for anything that you can give to help towards this milestone project. We would also be very interested to hear from any companies who may be able to assist with or to sponsor the project.

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Spa Valley Railway Team.

Tunbridge Wells and Eridge Railway Preservation Society and Wealden Railway Company Ltd are Spa Valley Railway.